Uusi vastuullisen muodin kirja

Alison Gwilt, joka on aiemmin tehnyt yhdessä Timo Rissasen kanssa kirjan “Shaping Sustainable Fashion” (kuva yllä), on valmistelemassa uutta kirjaa vastuullisesta muodista. Nyt hän etsii kirjaansa kuvia vastuullisen muodista – löytyisikö sinun merkiltäsi allaolevat kriteerit täyttäviä tuotteita?

Call for submissions

 This call invites to submit images of work for consideration in a new sustainable fashion book to be published in 2013. Written from a life cycle perspective the book discusses the diverse range of sustainable design strategies that can be employed in the design and production of garments.

All types of sustainable fashion/textiles work (making use of a variety of sustainable strategies) can be submitted. However, of particular interest is work that:

*can create a bond between wearer and garment,
*is constructed from mono materials, and/or can be fully recycled
*uses zero waste design/patternmaking strategies
*is repairable / or energy efficient during the use phase

Submissions are welcome from students, designers, and companies, and should include a 200 word statement about the work, and one/two low resolution images (or a link to a website).

All submissions should be sent by 8th August to Alison Gwilt, email: alison(at)alisongwilt.com